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These are my commitments to you.


I will certainly support great legislation such as the 2018 Tax Overhaul sent by the Legislature to the Governor, who rejected it. This was a lost opportunity by the way to help low and middle income citizens.

I’ll support Jeff Johnson’s proposals to cap property tax increases, end big corporate tax subsidies and institute an Automatic Taxpayer Refund when government over-taxes Minnesotans.

Second Amendment

I’ll reject any proposal in St. Paul that infringes on your Second Amendment rights.


I want to MINIMIZE government interference in the creation jobs and MORE jobs and economic growth in Minnesota. So many great employment opportunities in mining and other industries exist right here in Minnesota, if only Government would get out of the way!


I’ll OPPOSE funding the boondoggle known as light rail, but SUPPORT funding of great roads as needed, for both public and private transportation.


I’ll always side with those who want to greatly expand school choice in Minnesota!

Mark Dayton and Democrats want your kids in school a year earlier, beginning at age FOUR – a VERY expensive proposition! I want NO part of THATt for our kids. PARENTS –  Not teachers – should be forming the mindset and values of the very young.

I would instead MUCH prefer to use added school funding to MAKE SCHOOLS SAFE for our kids

Refugee Resettlement

I’ll oppose further refugee resettlement into Minnesota!

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